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RE: Flieger Schie▀schule Asch

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von mieuus am 03 Mar. 2007 16:23

Hello all,

I live near As (Asch). And I‘m intrested in the history about the As (Asch) airfield. Especially about the history of the buildings (used as officiermesse) of the airfield which are still at present in the woods nowadays, together with some baseplates of the old hangars.

All information about the buildings is much much welcome. It will be used for the purpose of saving the future of the buildings! Because maybe they are going to disapear for allways!

One building is build in a cross. Is this the sign of the Luftwaffe? Is there anybody who has knowledge of German airfieldbuilding construction from that time? Please contact me for all info. I can send pictures if you ask.


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